SEO or Search Engine Optimization;  is responsible for improving the search engine positioning of your brand in order to increase web traffic and generate more registrations, sales and leads.

The image of a brand can always improve with the help of a good digital marketing strategy.

Having strong SEO in your business can make the difference between strong brand authority and an investment of resources that gets you nowhere.

Through various KPI’s you can monitor the two important types of SEO:

  • Off-page- Campaigns in social networks, number and quality of external links to your website and the performance of search results, among others.
  • On-page – Optimization of your page, site content and its structure, among others.

The study of the variables that influence the organic positioning of a brand is essential when choosing the keywords that you should use in your digital campaigns. It is equally important to know the ordering of which is used, for example, in Google SEO, to design an appropriate strategy for your particular business.

One of the ways to increase your brand engagement is by getting better organic positioning.

Existing means of payment, why would you benefit more from a well-structured SEO? It’s easy, paid advertising on the Internet does not guarantee a better positioning in search engines.

Although it can have its benefits at certain stages, there is no comparison with having a system that constantly optimizes your page from hosting, links, load time when someone enters, to the creation of content for social networks.

If you are not yet fully aware of the importance of this tool, you just have to search for your business on Google and you will be able to know your SEO positioning.

Are you not getting the engagement you expected? Remember that the design of a good digital marketing strategy is as important as the visual design of your campaign.

If you still believe that the way your page and your social media campaigns look is the most important thing, you definitely need to inject some SEO into your business to maximize your potential and increase your web traffic.

While traditional marketing media can offer you tangible results, it is important that now that you have made the decision to venture into the world of digital marketing, you inform yourself properly and obtain the best results.

SEO is an essential part of a successful digital campaign , do not hesitate to meet your needs without neglecting this important part of your business. Identify the areas in which you could improve and look for a digital media agency that offers you a media plan that suits your needs and interests.